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Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Prevent Corrosion Damage With Our Range of Products

Our vapour barrier laminate range protects against moisture ingress, eliminating the risk of product damage. Fabricated using an inner layer of aluminium, barrier foil products offer the highest level of protection from corrosion and moisture damage. As a result, our corrosion protection products can be used to protect goods of a highly sensitive nature, including machinery, electronics, automotive parts, engineering equipment, scientific instruments, defense equipment and telecommunications.

Barrier foils provide the lowest known water vapour and oxygen transmission rates of any flexible material, ensuring total climactic protection and corrosion prevention. When compared to polyethylene, aluminum barrier foils allow water vapours to diffuse at a rate which is 80 times slower. This eliminates product damage, ensuring that goods arrive in their original state. To further boost the protection offered by our corrosion protection products, desiccant can also be added to the packaging, to ensure that the relative humidity remains below 40% – the starting point for corrosion.

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