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Dry Product Protection

Dry Product Protection with our range of vapour barrier bags and liners.

It is vital to ensure that dry products are packaged appropriately to protect from any atmospheric changes which may damage, contaminate, or otherwise deteriorate them. One way to achieve such protection is through the use of moisture barrier bags and liners in conjunction with your existing packaging.

Barrier foils provide dry product protection to any dry product which may deteriorate due to attack from moisture vapour, oxygen and other gases, UV light, odour transfer and temperature extremes.

Our moisture vapour barrier bags can be used to protect food ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, engineered plastics, polymers and resins, reactive hot-melt adhesives and any other dry products which would be negatively affected by moisture and vapour damage.

With years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of customized aluminium moisture bags, we are able to offer these to meet any size specification. The Protective Packaging team can create bespoke barrier bags to fit Gaylord boxes, octabins and drums. We also offer our moisture barrier bags in 25kg sacks along with 20’ and 40’ ISO container liners, flat/envelope styles and continuous tubing.

“The Protective Packaging name has become synonymous with quality and peace of mind, which have come through understanding the products that we protect and the properties of the materials available to us. ”