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Zipper pouches are designed to offer the benefits of a barrier foil laminate pouch with the addition of a re-sealable zipper for products which may not be used all at once.  The zipper allows the pack to be re-sealed and the product quality maintained.  Typical uses are medical diagnostic kits, chemical samples, dried food additives such as herbs and disinfectant wipes.  The pouch can be tamper evident, made with a top seal above the zipper and the bottom open. This ensures that the zipper is not damaged or contaminated during filling.

We are usually able to offer as few as 1,000 zipper pouches.  Minimum size for a flat zipper pouch is 50mm x 50mm and maximum size is 600mm x 600mm.  Other features available are tear notches, rounded corners, Euro slot, taped flap and printing.   We can also supply stand up pouches; minimum 75mm wide, maximum 220mm wide x 275mm long (265mm long with zipper). Please contact our Customer Support team for more information.



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