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Mother Victorine, my headmistress at Loreto Convent, always finished her homilies with the above words of encouragement. At Protective Packaging Ltd. we have certainly taken her words to heart.

Here in the Accounts Department we are always guided by the principle “never assume, always check” so that we all may be sure that our accuracy can be relied upon. As the daughter of a tailor, I know how important it is to measure twice as you can only cut once.

Our training has been so thorough that between us, as each team member is fully conversant with their colleague’s duties, holidays present no problem as we can always deputise for each other.

How are we known?

Our customers and suppliers, for many years now, have continued to enjoy communicating with us in a most amicable relationship, where we all respect and provide a professional rapport.

Within Protective Packaging Ltd. we, as a team, are always on hand to help other departments, when our schedule permits, so that their workload is shared and the daily routine and provision of an efficient, effective and proactive service is never compromised.

Mother Victorine would be proud!

Accounts Department

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  1. I can certainly agree with Eileen’s “Measure twice – cut once” adage.
    My woodwork master taught me that. He once gave me a good dressing down for cutting a piece of wood too short for the job. He commented (screamed is more accurate) that this tree had stood peacefully for hundreds of years without any problems and along came Bridgeman and ****** it up in two minutes. He made me kneel down and apologise to the piece of wood.
    A very humiliating but very unforgettable lesson.

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