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With the World Cup kicking off this week in Russia, we decided to get involved and run a company sweep stake. For anyone who doesn’t know what a sweep-stake is; you basically draw a team at random which is kept secret until all teams are chosen. If your team wins, you win!

Why you ask? Well, for us Brits it’s nice to have a team to cheer on following England’s usual knock-out in the early stages, but also for all those like me (that do not follow football at all) to have some form of interest in the World Cup considering it is about to disrupt the next 4 weeks of Facebook feeds, friendly conversations and not to forget the TV scheduling!

To randomly select teams a hat is usually used with pieces of paper hand folded with individual team names on but at PPL we like to go the extra mile so I decided to use a 75x100mm flat pouch for each World Cup team name…

Barrier Foil Pouch with Tear-nicks

I even finished the final heat-seal myself, complete with tear-nicks for easy opening! So, not only was each team name safe from prying eyes wanting to choose Brazil or Germany to secure a decent chance of a win, but also protected them from moisture damage whilst waiting for all teams to be chosen.World Cup Sweep Stake



With all teams selected and the poster flying high in the canteen and customer support office, the lucky ones to have drawn a favourite can expect the drinks to be on them when it’s all over – and for the not so lucky ones, they should prepare themselves for the banter to follow as each team is knocked-out!



Good luck to all teams, but for me… come on Serbia!!!!


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