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Alufoil Trophy 2011

Protective Lifeline for Fire Suppression

Protective Packaging Limited have won an award for Technical Innovation from the European Aluminium Foil Association.

The diversity of applications for which alufoil is used was proved by an alufoil bladder from Protective Packaging Limited based in Sale, Cheshire, used for Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems Zero 360 range of fire suppression systems, which won an Alufoil Trophy 2011 for Technical Innovation.

This application was described by head judge Alan Moffat, Packaging Development Manager, H. J Heinz R & D as an interesting and unusual application for the Motor Sport and Defence industries.

Manufactured from PET/ALU/OPA/LDPE with a welded stem which contains fire suppressant, the bladder is available in either a flat or cylindrical design. It is housed in an aluminium cylinder which is super pressurised with Nitrogen as the propellant. When there is a sudden rise in temperature Nitrogen compresses the bladder and the fire suppressant is discharged through the valve and two discharge outlets which are strategically placed within the vehicle. The pre-fabricated aluminium foil laminate stops any Nitrogen transfer in to the fire suppressant and enhances the shelf and service life of the extinguisher.

Simon Jolly, Sales Director, Protective Packaging Limited stated, “We are delighted to have won this prestigious award along with Lifeline Fire & Safety. We are constantly striving to manufacture new and innovative applications and the inner bladder for the Lifeline fire suppression system was an exciting new challenge

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