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Whether you like to admit it or not, all businesses make mistakes. Perhaps an error on an invoice or maybe a delay on an order. These things happen to every business and statistics show that customers find these things are forgivable. But, statistics also show that customers will not forgive bad customer service.

Why will a customer leave you because of bad customer service and not because of other mistakes your business may make? It is because customer service is personal. An invoicing dispute isn’t personal, neither is a late delivery.
If a customer is treated poorly they will not forget it.

At Protective Packaging we go out of our way to give an excellent service, supplying a high quality product in a timely fashion. But if we do make a mistake, we know the importance of doing everything required to resolve the issue keeping the relationship with the customer intact.

We must be doing something right as we have loyal customers that we have been supplying for many years.

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