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foil bag with clear windowA new solution is now available for packaging products which require the protection of a moisture vapour barrier but still need some visibility during storage or transit.

We have the capability to manufacture 3 dimensional bags in a totally clear barrier material or with a clear barrier section to allow the product to be viewed without opening and re-sealing the bag. This is a distinct advantage during export when inspection is required by Customs.

The clear material PPCC1, is constructed from a high barrier, coated polyester and LLDPE and has a water vapour transmission rate of 0.2gms/m²/24hr which combined with the barrier foil at 0.05gms/m²/24hr and a small calculated amount of desiccant, ensures that the relative humidity remains well below 40% (the starting point for corrosion)

Bags and liners are individually made to customer’s requirements and there is no minimum order quantity. Applications include machinery, engine parts, electronics, telecommunications, automotive parts and many more products which are susceptible to moisture damage.

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