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2011 has already given us many examples of the importance for continuity plans in the face of disaster. Earlier in the year we have the examples of Queensland’s floods and the UK’s big freeze. More recently, the UK riots have shown how quickly situations can spiral out of control, massively affecting businesses throughout the country.

These events highlight the importance of having a plan in place for recovery from a disaster. We pride ourselves on providing timely and quality service to our customers, and we recognise the importance of being able to continue to meet these high standards even if something should happen to affect the day to day running of the company.

Due to this, throughout the year we have dedicated significant efforts to developing an effective disaster plan that will allow us to continue to trade even if we were faced with a catastrophe on site. This succession planning is vital for both our employees and our customers, and, as always, we are committed to both.

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  1. Absolutely correct.
    I have previously worked for a company that suffered a warehouse fire and a flood in the same year – A robust disaster plan was extremely helpful for dealing with both situations.

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