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A desiccant is a product that adsorbs molecules.  Knowing the correct temperature and humidity is vital to understand what desiccant to use and how much of it is needed.   Most desiccants don’t chemically combine with water or the other substances they’re present to protect against.  They capture them through adsorption, and stow them away where they can’t cause harm to the product.  Our dedicated Customer Support team can help you to decide which size desiccant will fit your needs.

Desiccants are used to protect the product being packed by reducing the relative humidity and moisture levels.  When used together with our barrier foil liners, you really are doing the best you can to protect your valuable goods.

If you require any further information regarding desiccant or any of the products in our range, please contact our Customer Support team today and they will gladly help you to find the best solution to your problem.


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