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I joined the company in January this year as Financial Controller. When I first joined Protective Packaging I just assumed we made protective bags in all shapes and sizes. I have since found out, under the very watchful eye of two of our warehouse staff, and as I’ve learnt more about the company’s activities, that it’s not just a foil bag that we produce.

I learnt what a Tiltwatch sensor is, what shock and humidity detectors were and finally realised what all those little desiccant bags that we all get in everything we buy were actually for. I usually get them in shoe boxes and I buy lots of shoes; I should have been called Imelda Marcos. I could probably supply Protective Packaging with a year’s supply of desiccant.

We create bespoke bags for all walks of life (with the correct shoes of course) so if you have any weird and wonderful requirements for any of our bags then please get in touch.


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