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barrier foil pouchesHaving moved from Purchasing to Customer Support as part of my training with PPL, my first project was to train up the Customer Support and Quality Control teams on our new drawing software, Visio.

As I had never used the program before, I spent my first 2 days with our IT Manager in order to gain a full understanding of how the Visio package works. He showed me how to use the different drawing tools and how to employ them to achieve the bags and features required for our industry. I then put templates of our most commonly requested pouches and bags onto the system so that these can be accessed and adjusted easily as and when required.

Once I had completed my training, I began training people on a 1:1 basis. It has taken just under 3 weeks to train up both departments and everyone has taken well to the new software. We are confident that Visio will improve our drawing capabilities and allow us to continue to produce high quality, bespoke drawings for our customers. The final aim is to create an up to date Visio database for all of our customers’ drawings.

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