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We supply one of our customers with an Aluminium Barrier Foil Liner fitted inside a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container ( FIBC ). They recently requested if we could colour code the FIBC so they can see straight away from a distance what product is stored in the warehouse without having to check the small label they fit once the pack is completed. We gave him the option of colour stencilling the panel of the bag or actually attaching a coloured ribbon to easily identify the product – Another happy customer.

You would think our customer would not want any holes in their Aluminium Barrier Foil Bags. We were given a task to put holes in the top of the Bag so the equipment inside could be lifted easily through the Aluminium Barrier Foil. We designed a closing system using our Kwikstick tape and also supplied a repair patch to go over the hole – Simple but effective so another happy customer.

The Kwikstick can be used on bolt holes through the material to hold equipment down in a packing case or actually along an edge of a Bag to seal it where a Constant Heat Sealer cannot be used.

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