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Most goods are not considered sufficiently hazardous to require special precautions during transport. However, some goods are potentially dangerous. Dangerous goods can be liquid or solid substances that have been tested and assessed against accepted criteria and found to be hazardous.

Thankfully there are transportation regulations, the purpose of which is to protect everyone who is directly involved in their movement – the sender and receiver – or those who might become involved in the event of an accident, such as members of the emergency services and the public.

Under these regulations, packaging must meet or exceed minimum standards of performance before it can be authorised for the carriage of dangerous goods.
Satisfactory performance is established by subjecting specimens of the packaging to a series of tests, often referred to as the UN Tests for the Packaging of Dangerous Goods.

Obviously, the container/packaging that is used to transport the goods has an important part to play. Where the product itself needs protection e.g. from moisture or oxygen, the packaging will need to be a moisture barrier bag or liner, which may be sourced from Protective Packaging Ltd in Manchester.

Protective Packaging Limited Aluminium Barrier Foil FIBC liner will not only manufacture the aluminium barrier foil liner to the customer’s requirements but also arrange for it to be tested by an internationally recognized testing house and certified by the national Dangerous Goods Office. They will then receive a certificate which will contain a dedicated number which can be printed onto the packaging and authorise the user to transport the goods anywhere in the world in accordance with specifications.

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