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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we have supplied Barrier Foil Bags and Desiccant for all of the above.


We have supplied bags that have completely covered a roof section of a train carriage.
The roof sections were built and shipped from the UK and needed a Barrier Foil Bag and Desiccant to ensure the goods arrived in pristine condition before being built up at their final destination.


We have supplied bags that have completely covered a fuselage section.
The three sections of the fuselage were shipped from the manufacturers in Italy to America for completion by the customer.
The fuselage sections were too big to be shipped in normal containers so were bagged up with Desiccant and then covered by a PVC tarpaulin for the sea journey.


We have supplied customers who were looking to pack parts for long term storage.
When a manufacturer finishes production of a particular model they have to keep a large number of spare parts available.
We have supplied bags for steering columns and windscreens.

These are just a few of the many manufacturing sections we supply our products to.

So if you need something to be packed for long term storage and you want it to look as good when you open it as the day you packed it please contact us.

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