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The Protective Packaging Family

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we pride ourselves in being a caring employer. We must be doing something right as we have 63 employees with a combined age of 2504 years but more importantly a combined service record here at PPL of 411 years and it is with this wealth of experience that we are at the top in our business sector.

When we started back in 1989 we were 5 strong with 4 full-time and a part time secretary.

We do not class our employees as being old or young just very important to our business.

Our ages range from 69 years for Dr Ian Bridgeman in our QC Team down to 21 years and 4 days for Jack Turner in our Customer Support Team ( Happy 21 st Jack )

In terms of length of service we go from one of our Customer Support Team ( well me actually ) who has been here since day one to a member of Purchasing who has been here for 2 weeks (welcome to Hannah). We can break this down further to 2 people with over 20 years service 1 with over 15 years service 11 with over 10 years service and 22 with over 5 years service. We have 5 people who left us and who missed us so much that they came back again.

Some people have said they were only going to be here for a short while after finishing another job or education but again they are some of our longest serving personnel.

Our people are our most valuable asset and without them we would not have been here at the forefront of our industry for the past 22 years going from strength to strength.

We must also thank our customers who are just as valuable who keep coming back time after time.

We pride ourselves in supplying a quality product to a high quality standard in time every time and if we did not do this consistently we would not be here now.

We do have customers who also have a long trading history with us some of which we have been dealing with since our start in January 1989.

Customers and competitors do come and go but Protective Packaging Ltd is still here and we plan to be here for a long time to come.

Philip Butler
Customer Support Department


  1. A very good (history) blog! Well done Philip! What you didnt mention was the fact you are the fountain of all knowledge and play a VERY important role to Protective Packaging, in the way you help others (like myself) a great deal of the time to try to have a better understanding of the job we do and for that I thank you :).

  2. An extremely interesting Blog, Philip, which obviously involved a fair amount of research. I was quite surprised by some of the statistics. Very telling stuff.

  3. A very interesting blog Phil, I didn’t realise Ian was THAT old, and not sure how he will feel about you broadcasting it!

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