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With the rain clouds gathering, it was touch-and-go whether our annual alfresco company lunch could be held as planned.

Some resourceful action was needed to save the day and our Engineering Department team rallied to the challenge and quickly erected a cover over the seating area using our Case Lining Material to provide shelter from any inclement weather.

This material which is 100% waterproof and tear resistant was the perfect solution. The material is normally used by Export Packers to line the lids/sides of export cases to keep out any rainwater ingress during shipment. Being such as versatile material it’s also used by many of the top catering/hospitality companies to cover flooring etc. during big events.

Our alfresco lunch was a great success and everyone enjoyed the special event, an opportunity for all departments to mix and socialise. A party atmosphere was created with “pass the parcel” and “stand up bingo” which was enjoyed by all.


A big “thanks” to the company for providing this annual event and thanks to all the individuals whose efforts made it a great occasion once again.


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