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For over 20 years Protective Packaging Limited has endeavoured to provide high quality products, excellent customer relationships and care – through a vibrant production team and a meticulous and developing quality department to ensure that our products are reliable, safe, competitively priced, and wholly efficient. This successful development, underpinned by an innovative IT department, has been achieved by the combined efforts of Directors, Management and staff – all working closely together.

One thing we must not forget, however, is Protective Packaging’s response to Government initiatives to help the workforce in their daily lives. The recent introduction of the Government’s Bike to Work scheme – in conjunction with the payroll department – has enabled employees, wishing to cycle to work, to be provided with a bike immediately, paid for by the company – allowing for the basic bike cost to be paid back over time – saving the VAT burden – as a salary sacrifice.

Let’s not forget the little people – The Kiddivouchers Scheme – also introduced here – allows for those working parents at Protective Packaging to save and provide for childcare on a regular basis – and to build a fund for when required. Once again a salary sacrifice – but enabled by regular payroll deductions.
Both these schemes have been extremely popular since their first adoption over two years ago.

I’m not sure if we will see Team Protective Packaging entering the Tour de France – but at least there are some happy bikers around!

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