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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we have installed Biometric hand scanning devices at entry points to our buildings. This provides instant recognition of all employees entering and leaving our premises. Some people might think that with these machines “big brother” is watching. This is far from the case. From a Health and Safety point of view the electronic data contained provides a valuable tool in that at the touch of a button, it produces a full list of all employees on site.

This means that in an emergency evacuation situation we would NOT be putting the lives of “fire fighters” at risk by having to enter a burning building looking for employees who are not present at muster stations.
Additionally we are able to produce many reports to assist heads of departments in the management of their staff by being able to speedily produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual attendance and specific absence reports in preparation for wages and salaries, calculation of bonuses, maintenance of holiday entitlements and much more.

So next time you are “just popping to the local shop” remember the golden rule:
Going off site – clock out

Nicola – Accounts Dept.

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