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tear nick in foil pouchCustomers want easy access to their product once a pouch has been sealed up – At Protective Packaging our pouch machine has the facility to insert a simple tear nick in the pouch seal that allows the customer to gain easy access to the pouch contents without the need for knives and scissors. The integrity and functionality of the pouch is not affected.

The tear nick is inserted in line, in the pouch seal during manufacture and is present in both edge seals so meaning whichever edge the customer picks up there will be a tear nick present to allow easy opening.

Protective Packaging are constantly looking to invest and improve manufacturing methods with the result that new equipment has been purchased to optimise the addition of tear nicks to pouches. Our engineer Kosta Loukas is currently working on the new equipment for fitment to the machine. The benefits will be a more user friendly piece of equipment that can be very accurately set and provide a more powerful action thus improving the efficiency and quality of the tear nick application.

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