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When you were younger, did you ever bury a time capsule in the hope that someone will find it in the future? Well most of us did, so when John Mckenzie from the Shetland Amenity Trust called to tell us how they had found a time capsule when restoring their town hall in Lerwick on the Shetland Isles and believed it to be protected in our Barrier Foil PP250, we were delighted!

John went on to describe how amazed and grateful they all were to find that the items packaged in PP250 and contained in the time capsule were in immaculate condition, yet they had been underground for 21 years – Due to the use of PP250 Barrier Foil, it has meant that the artefacts were not able to be affected by oxygen ingress and water vapour transmission throughout its undisturbed years underground.Barrier Foil Time Capsule

The Shetland Amenity Trust has decided that they are going to bury the time capsule again in anticipation for the next generation to find it in the same condition they have, so we have gratefully supplied them with a fresh roll of our PP250 with confidence that it will protect their artefacts for the next 100 years!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Shetland Amenity Trust for allowing us to be a part of such an important piece of their islands history and wish them every success with the restoration of their town hall.


Find the article on the re-burial of the time capsule here.

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