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We always pride ourselves in giving a speedy service but it must also be a quality product made to an exacting quality standard.

We received an enquiry from a new customer late on a Tuesday afternoon.

We then quoted the customer for 78 Barrier Foil Bags on the Wednesday morning.

The customer decided they wanted to go ahead with the order on the Thursday morning and by the time we finished work all of the Barrier Foil Bags were made and packed into a car ready for delivery at 09:00 on the Friday in the Midlands some 120 miles away from our base in Manchester.

We delivered the Barrier Foil Bags and as it was the first time the customer had used this type of Bag we demonstrated how to use the Heat Sealing equipment properly.

We had placed enough Progel Desiccant in the Barrier Foil Bag for its journey to the Middle East but as the customer had packed lots of cardboard inside we calculated how much extra Desiccant should be used to cover the Dunnage Factor.

We then delivered the extra Desiccant before 09:00 on the Saturday morning.

This is where the quality standards come in.

We manufacture to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and the material we used is approved to the UK Defence Standard 81-75/3.

The Desiccant is supplied to the Defence Standard Mil-D-3464E and the calculation is done to the British Standard BS1133 section 19:1986.

Whilst there we also used our Self Adhesive Cushioning to protect the Barrier Foil Bags from damage where the goods being packed were secured into the case with packing timbers.

With the job being such a large one the customer would not have been able to complete it in time for shipping so we put them in touch with a local export packer to help them along.

Since then the customer via the export packer has placed follow up orders and with everything going to plan the first time all of the jobs have run smoothly.

The bags we supplied were box liners but we can also supply Barrier Foil Bags for lots of applications so please visit our website at to see our extensive range of products.

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