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As part of the Purchasing team here at Protective Packaging Ltd., it is my job to ensure we always have enough tape.  But it’s not just one type of tape, I have to ensure we never run out of the following:-

Sellotape – used for sealing the cartons when we pack our barrier foil liners and ship them out to our customers.

Fragile tape – used when we pack sensitive items such as ShockWatch and TiltWatch.

Double sided tape – used on some of the bags we produce if the customer does not have a heat sealer.  Kwikstick

Kwickstick – this is a butyl tape that we sell to customers who do not have access to heat sealers, it gives a very good seal (see my previous blog on this subject).

Crossweave tape – a very strong tape that is used on our container liners.

Banding tape – a heavy duty tape that is put around the pallet boxes to ensure our goods arrive at their destination in good condition.

Aluminium foil tape – used to repair/seal barrier foil liners.

Masking tape – used by our re-winder operator to secure the foil to the cardboard core.

Red tape – also used by our re-winder operator to flag up any joins in the rolls.

Base tape – this is a low tack tape that is used on the base of some of our box bags.

Then there is the small roll of sellotape which fits in the tape dispenser on my desk – I would like a pound for every time I hear the words “can I borrow your sellotape please”.

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