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Having previously worked in the Hand Fabrication Unit and Customer Support Department here at Protective Packaging, I rejoined the company in February 2010 as Assistant Production Manager.

I am currently responsible for the smooth operation of Hand Fabrication with the intention of moving into Automated Manufacture in the near future.

In the Hand Fabrication unit we have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm within our ranks. We have the ability and the drive to satisfy the stringent demands of our Customers, whether the order is straight forward and simple, an urgent requirement or involves a large amount of technicality in its manufacture, we deliver quality, first time, every time!

All our team members are aware of the need for continuous improvement. Therefore we encourage everyone to challenge and improve our current systems and techniques as this is paramount in keeping ahead of competitors and pace within our market.

Our role in Hand Fabrication is always interesting and we take a great deal of pride in our ability to produce high quality, cost effective climatic packaging solutions for our Customers within what can often be very short lead times.

Ben Lewis
Assistant Production Manager

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