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skidmate pallet cushionsSkid-Mate cushions are air-dampened cushioning devices which can be easily mounted on a pallet base in place of wood skid runners. These reusable cushions give maximum cushioning and dampening performance with a minimum of size and weight.
Main advantages:
• Reduce packaging design and assembly time
• Eliminate costly damage from handling hazards during shipment of valuable equipment
• Provides protection during loading and unloading when appropriate handling equipment is not available
• Reduce costly field service calls and repairs that can result from shock and vibration during transit
• Save in material and application costs – wood or wood-foam skid-runners are not needed
• Eliminate the need for expensive air-ride vans
• Permit 4-way entry pallet design
• Quickly add shock protection to existing crating or pallets without costly redesign
We currently stock Blue (70-125 lbs load range) and Orange (125-225 lbs load range), but other colours are also available, depending on the load range required.
We also supply spacer-disks, which increases the Skid-Mate height by 4”.

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