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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd size doesn’t really matter.

We can supply our Aluminium Barrier Foil Bags for any product that needs protection from moisture ingress.

Our smallest machine made bag is 60 x 60 mm and this is used to pack an Energy Supplement Powder.

One of our regular orders is a liner to go inside a standard 20 ft shipping container. This can be used to ship products like resin granules in bulk instead of packing on individual pallets. As a bulk shipment it allows the customer to actually ship more product for the same freight cost and it actually reduces the packaging costs.  An example of this for one resin customer is that it allowed them to move from 11 individual packs of 800kg, thus 8,800kgs to a single unit of 18,000kgs.

We can also make much larger bags in our Hand Fabrication production unit.

This is where we produce bags predominantly used for the protection of Machinery where Corrosion would be a problem.

We have actually manufactured bags for an Aeroplane manufacturer to protect the body of the Plane during transit in 3 sections from its manufacturing site in Europe to its final production facility in America.

With the use of Desiccants calculated to the British Standard BS 1133 Section 19:1986 inside the Foil Bag the Moisture inside will be kept below critical limits ensuring the products arrive at their final destination in pristine condition.

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