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At Protective Packaging, we are well stocked with years of experience, readily available to help our customers with their barrier foil requirements.

Quite often, customers approach us with issues about inspecting the internals of a foil bag once it has been hermetically sealed. This could be due to customs clearance, inspection of products during transit, or the ability to monitor humidity levels inside of the bag but the list really does go on as to why our customers may need the contents of their High Barrier Foil packaging inspected!

As most of our foil laminates used to make 2D/3D bags contain a layer of aluminium, there is no way to see into the bag, without breaking the hermetic seal. To avoid having to do this and causing moisture damage to the products that you are trying to protect during transit or storage, we have a clear, high barrier, flexible material available which can be implemented in different formats:

Viewing Window:

A viewing window can be fitted in your preferred location of the High Barrier Foil Bag and to make sure that we get the location correct, we will first send you a drawing of your bag indicating the position of the window for your approval! Inserting a viewing window into your bag means that you can see inside the bag without breaking the seal, meaning that the high levels of moisture protection that barrier foil offers are maintained.

Humidity Indicator:

If you need to check the levels of the humidity within your packaged product during shipment, we can fit your packaging with a viewing window complete with a humidity indicator card which shows you the level of humidity within your bag easily.

Viewing Panel:

If you need more than just a small viewing window, maybe for customs clearance, we are able to manufacture a bag that has a whole panel made from our clear material. This is a tried and tested solution for the passing of the product through customs inspections without having to open the bag and expose your product to moisture damage. Just let us know which panel of the 3D barrier foil bag will need to be viewable to customs, and with an approved drawing from yourself, we will be able to create a unique barrier foil bag to suit your needs.

If you would like to enquire about our PPCC1 material, then contact our customer support team on 0161 976 2006 ext 2.

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