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A ShockWatch® indicator offers valuable means of determining the condition of the goods at every stage of the distribution chain and provide a very visible deterrent to mishandling.

ShockWatch® is an impact detection device which fixes directly to the outside of shipping cartons. The label contains a tiny vial filled with a special liquid which turns from clear to bright red if the package is roughly handled.

Unfortunately, the ShockWatch® is known to activate during the shipment from ourselves to the customer or indeed from our customer to their ultimate end-user. This made the ShockWatch unproductive and purposeless to our customers or their customers, however, we are delighted to tell you that we stock the new and improved ShockWatch®2.

Why choose Indicator ShockWatch®2?

ShockWatch® 2 Indicator

  • Unlike the ShockWatch®, the ShockWatch®2 will not activate during shipment from Protective Packaging Ltd to the customer or indeed from the customer to their ultimate end-user.
  • The ShockWatch®2 can only be activated at the point of use by simply peeling the protective backing label off of the reverse of the device.
  • The backing label must also be removed to attach the device to the package ensuring that the device is always and only activated when attached to its package.
  • It is now possible for us to ship the ShockWatch®2 via a standard parcel carrier rather than the previous need to ship on a specially protected pallet with a dedicated forwarder.
  • Each individual ShockWatch® 2 is also serialised and the corresponding serial number can be written on the shipping documents eliminating the need to put one inside the case as well as on the outside as tampering with or replacing the device is no longer possible.



The ShockWatch®2 is available in stock with a MOQ of 100 pieces. Please contact our Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006 if you require any further information.

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