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A Shockwatch label on a carton cannot be ignored because it provides immediate evidence of mishandling by the carrier. Shockwatch is now the single most recognised “Handle with Care” label in the world and regardless of the language, the message is universal: DON’T MISHANDLE THIS SHIPMENT.

Shockwatch features a tiny liquid-filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label.  If a carton bearing a Shockwatch label is dropped or roughly handled, the Shockwatch reacts instantly.  The liquid in the tube changes from clear to bright red, providing indisputable evidence that excessive impact has occurred.

Available in different colours in accordance with the size and weight of the package, a selection chart indicates the correct label you need, and our Customer Support team will gladly help you work out the right one for your consignment.

We can also supply Tiltwatch which is an alternative device that shows if the package has been tipped or mishandled.

To be sure your valuable goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left you, contact our sales office today for further information and prices.

Julie Screeton
Purchasing Department

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