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25kg sacksDesigned to contain up to 25 kilos of powdered, granulated or pelleted moisture/oxygen sensitive product, our vented foil sacks are often the ‘ unsung heroes ‘ of high barrier flexible packaging.

Constructed in a highly tear and puncture resistant four layer aluminium foil laminate, in a side gusseted format, they are sized to fit perfectly on euro pallets and feature a low-slip external polyester layer to aid stacking, making them perfect for suppliers to end users who cannot accept larger foil lined octabins or bulk bags.

Vented foil sacks enhance the shelf life of many products, from moisture sensitive pelleted plastics and powdered chemicals and masterbatches, to nuts, powdered or granulated foodstuffs and flavourings.

The really clever feature is the sack’s one way degassing valve. This allows air to flow out of the filled and heat sealed pack when the internal pressure is greater than that outside. This means that when the sacks are stacked, or when atmospheric pressure drops slightly, the valve releases air from inside the sack, causing it to contract as it evacuates.
Over a short period of time the sack will reach the point where the inside air content is minimal, leaving the product inside effectively vacuum packed.

The vented foil sack is a cost effective means of vacuum packing non-bulk supplies of moisture or oxygen sensitive products, without the need for expensive vacuum-sealing equipment.
They are available from stock in any quantity, from full pallets of 2,000 to as few as you may require.

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