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Protective Packaging blogFor the past 2 years I have managed to organise a Secret Santa event for Protective Packaging staff in the office. This has always been a great success! I love organising it and the rest of the staff look forward to taking part. We have a budget of £5 per person but if you wish to spend more you may (depends on how much you like the person I suppose).
Although we call it Secret Santa, people try to trick colleagues into telling us who they have got as their Secret Santa. Some of us are better at keeping secrets that others, the older lot get tricked easily (no names mentioned – you know who you are).
Once the gift is bought, we put them in the sack under the tree ready for the presentation on the last day of work. This makes the office feel very festive and gets everyone in a good mood.
I will update you with the gifts given in my next blog and who was able to keep theirs a secret!

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