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Protective Packaging blogOn the 16th of Dec this year we opened up the secret Santa presents. As usual some of the gifts were very funny! Surprisingly a lot of the gifts were alcoholic, which was a good thing as we had our Christmas party at the Hilton in Manchester that evening, so I can imagine the alcoholic gifts were consumed before hand; I know my sparkling rose wine was.

Each year I organise the secret Santa as it is a good way to show your appreciation to the member of staff you have picked out. It also makes the office feel very Christmassy with the presents in Santa’s sack and then put under the VERY small tree. It is a lovely way to end the year with some very interesting gifts to be given. Laura received her mug she explained she wanted in my last blog! I would have to say the funniest one this year goes to Bertie, our French rep who received a drinks tray with Tray Bien* written on it, however the gifts I received were very good also. I got a bottle of sparkling rose wine (my favourite) , an alarm clock, some black fluffy dice to hang in my car & a jelly shots mould. It is safe to say I have been very spoilt this year and I would like to thank my secret Santa Philip for this.

This will be the last blog this year for me, so until next year, have a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Sophie Screeton.

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