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Protective Packaging Ltd is always looking at ways to improve efficiency, speed of data and become greener. Our IT department maintain our bespoke customised database and throughout 2017 will develop our system aiming to reduce our overall printing by 60%.  To achieve this, about 95% of Invoices will be emailed to our customers rather than printed and posted, our warehouse team will use tablets to view their data, saving an estimated 80% of prints and our Customer Support team will push the technology boundaries to go Paper Free on our Hand Fabrication Job Sheets.

So what amount of A4 pieces of paper are we looking to save ?  A staggering 130,000 sheets.  1 average size 25m High Pine Tree produces 121,444 sheets of 70gm paper, so from 2018 onwards Protective Packaging Ltd will save at least 1 tree a year.

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