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The quality of our products is always at the forefront of our minds at PPL and any way we can improve is always at the top of the to-do list not only for our quality department headed by John Budden but also all the other departments that are involved. Examples of this are as follows

New Joint Detection System
For our large machines in our automated fabrication unit we have just implemented a new joint detection system, which not only give operators a visual and audio warning but also tells them which roll the joint coming through is on. This would not have been made possible without by the hard work of the Quality Department, internal Management Group, Engineering Department headed by Kosta Loukas, our hardworking Operators and going forward our material suppliers.

New PPLQAC Data Base
The PPLQAC is our new quality data base. When I started in the quality department it was clear there was already an excellent structure already in place with regards to the day to day recording of products and quality thereof on the shop floor but with my previous experience in other high quality manufacturing industries I felt this could be improved. So John Budden set me the task of adding to / improving the current system. Working with what was already in place created by the quality department and manger Ben Lewis I designed, programmed and implemented a new department data base with the finishing touches added by our IT manager Andy Thompson we now have a robust and quickly searchable quality data base that will only improve with the final role out of tablet recording devices on the shop floor in the near future.

From the top down or the bottom up we are always working hard in improving the overall quality of products for our valued customers.

Andy Harding
Quality Auditor

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