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Robin Van PersieHere at Protective Packaging, in the outskirts of central Manchester, the past couple of months have been tough. I’m not talking in terms of business but for the employees, who have been without Premier League football, with only two poor international performances (Euros/Olympic football) to at least try and fill the gap. These games were nothing like the nail biting end of the season we had when Man City won the title.

Now it’s like everything is back to normal; Man City fans and Man United fans are debating who will win the league and everyone seems that little bit happier.

I wonder what this season will bring. Will City win the league again? Will Van Persie drive United to victory? Or, next time Robin Van Persie misses a penalty, will he need a custom made barrier foil bag (for his head) to hide his identity in public? Who knows?

Jamie Mancini Lee