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Since joining Protective Packaging last month, I have learnt an awful lot about barrier foil and climatic packaging products. I never knew there was so much to it.

From Box Bags to FIBC Sacks and Drum Liners to Pouches, every day there is something else to be embraced, with each grade of laminate serving a different purpose and being suited to meeting specific objectives in respect to what it is protecting.

It is not just our barrier foil products to keep abreast of though, with our extensive range of consumable products complementing them perfectly.

Our desiccants and ProDriPoles to ensure any moisture vapour is adsorbed and absorbed respectively, to ShockWatch and Tip’n’Tell’s warning you of any potential bumps and scrapes your shipment may have encountered.

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd, all of your requirements are catered for.



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