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It’s Valentines this week, a time where it is socially, acceptable to be publicly mushy meaning that you may have received a gift from a loved one or bought your partner one! To protect your treasured gift, Protective Packaging Ltd’s, Barrier Foil liners could be a solution.

At Protective Packaging we offer a range of Barrier Foil liners which can be crafted to suit your individual needs. Barrier Foil packaging ensures the protection of a wide range of products that may be attacked by:

  • Moisture
  • Oxygen Ingress
  • V. Light
  • Temperature Extremes
  • Odours
  • Mould & Fungi Growth
  • Grease & Oils
  • Chemicals

At one time a client of Protective Packaging required a Barrier Foil liner to protect helicopters from corrosion. So if you were lucky enough to have received a Helicopter for Valentines or unlucky enough to have had to fork out for one. Then ensure that it is protected against climatic change, by purchasing a bespoke barrier foil liner from Protective Packaging!

For a quote then please contact us here or via 0161 976 2006 and enjoy your weekend…or Helicopter!

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