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Here at Protective Packaging  we convert our own specially constructed barrier foil laminates into a multitude of formats, such as round bottomed Drum Liners, Foil Bags pouches and liners.

Our wide range of laminates have each been developed and perfected over the past 26 years to suit the ever changing requirements of our customers in a spectrum of industries from Foil Packaging for Medical & Pharmaceutical applicationsFoil Bags  to Aerospace & Engineering.

Our generic laminate range is manufactured and stocked in ‘jumbo’ roll format and 3 standard widths, which we slit  to the bespoke width and roll lengths required to manufacture  the finished product the customer has ordered. This means we can turn around most orders on very short lead times with no minimum order quantity.

For each new application which arises, we work with the customer to ascertain their exact requirements for the barrier foil product and advise on the most appropriate laminate, before supplying replica samples for trials to prove the concept.

If the application is so unusual that it turns out a new laminate construction is required, we are happy to work with the customer to develop one, whilst ensuring it will be economically viable to do so.

Our business is customer driven and we  have a ‘can do’ ethos.


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