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prodripoleprodripoleFor the past three or four years I have had a problem with damp in two of my wardrobes which are both on the same outside wall. I used to buy small desiccant packs online, which had to be renewed every month. This was quite time-consuming as the containers had to be washed and dried thoroughly before I could refill them with desiccant. These did not completely cure the dampness of the clothes in the wardrobes, or the musty smell, particularly in the smallest room. I also bought a de-humidifier but was concerned about the amount of electricity this was using, and the noise it made when in use. Three months ago I decided to try a ProDriPole in each wardrobe and I have been extremely impressed with them, the clothes are nice and dry and the walls of the wardrobes are free from damp and mould. The weight of an unused ProDriPole is 1Kg, after one month in use the weight was 1.2Kg, after two months it was 1.8Kg, and after three months the weight was 2Kg. There is still space for more water, so I would estimate that the pole will last for one more month. This is a more cost effective way of keeping my clothes dry, and the musty smell out of the box room. I will definitely continue to use them.

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