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ProDriPole’s are a unique product of ours which are a desiccant container system and are designed to store moisture from an open area which protects goods and the surrounding area itself.

This an environmental friendly product which provides a competent and effective way of protecting your goods from the damage moisture can incur.

The product operates in a way which stops mould developing and therefore prevents any lasting or significant damage.

Desiccant is a versatile substance and here are a few useful tips which may help in everyday life –

  • It can save your mobile phone from water damage! The desiccant soaks up the moisture which has gone into your phone after a hazardous moment!
  • It can keep important and aged documents in their original state, such as a birth certificate.
  • It can help keep photo prints in their original condition and prevent any water stains or marks, etc.

ProDiPole - Container Desiccant

The ProDriPole was originally introduced to protect items that are being held in containers from moisture damage. However, the  ProDriPole is an  adaptable and valuable product of  Protective Packaging’s range and has even proved itself  as a popular product with stage and TV production companies using them to protect their props, including a very popular and current TV show which happens to be a favourite of mine.

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