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prodripole showing water levelprodripoleA recent trial to test the performance of our new desiccant ProDriPole has provided amazing results.
A holiday home which is normally closed up for the winter season was used to test the efficiency of the desiccant pole. A home which previously had some problems with mould and damp appearing on clothes and walls and a musty smell after the property had been left for long periods without heating.

3 ProDriPoles were placed in the 2 bedroom coastal apartment, 1 in the porch area and 1 in each bedroom wardrobe. After several weeks there didn’t appear to be any change and there was no water in the collection reservoir. However after approximately 2 months the water level had started to rise and this continued over a period of 6 months until the water level had reached the maximum level (see arrow above) The damp areas which had been noticeable previously were dry and there was no evidence of any mould or musty smells.

The amount of water collected is quite staggering and makes you wonder – where would that have gone otherwise? This is a cheap and neat method of protecting your property and the owners will certainly be purchasing more ProDriPoles for the next winter closure.

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  1. I am interested in purchasing a pro-dri pole please could you let me know the price & tell me how to get hold of one thankyou

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