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prodripole in wardrobeBack in October 2011, a colleague of mine at Protective Packaging blogged about using our ProDriPole in her wardrobes to finally solve a long-battled damp problem. As the Marketing Assistant assigned to our moisture absorbing product, I was thrilled to receive an enquiry for the ProDriPole from a lady named Sharon, who had come across the blog when looking for a cost-effective solution to cure the damp problem in her mother’s wardrobe.

The fitted wardrobe is constructed against an external wall and, as a result of the rain in Northern Ireland (which even exceeds the amount of rain we get here in Manchester!), it was very damp. As with my colleague, Sharon wanted to avoid the expense to her mother of running an electric dehumidifier and so our ProDriPole product seemed like it could be the ideal solution.

After speaking with Sharon, and empathising with her mother for living somewhere with even more rain than “Sunny Sale”, we offered to send out a ProDriPole at our cost in return for feedback on its performance. In January 2012, we were delighted to receive the news below:

“I’m happy to report that since the ProDriPole was installed two months ago, the mould has stayed away. The windows on the pole are gradually absorbing the moisture so fingers crossed we have found a solution. Thank you for allowing us to test the pole.”

We look forward to staying in touch with Sharon and continuing to supply the ProDriPole to help keep the damp at bay in her mother’s wardrobe.

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