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In August 2011, 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group contacted Protective Packaging Limited regarding our unique desiccant product, the ProDriPole. Having just purchased a 40ft static container for the storage of their canvas tents and other camping equipment, the Scout Group needed to find a simple but effective solution that would ensure the items were protected from damp throughout autumn and winter.

ProDriPole provides extremely efficient protection of goods from the detrimental effects of moisture which is exactly what the Scouts were after! In addition to the pole’s high performance and environmentally friendly properties, it provided an extremely cost-effective solution to the 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group, whose alternative solution would have been expensive, and time consuming to install, ply lining. Once they had visited the product page on our website, they knew ProDriPole was the solution for them!

Protective Packaging was glad to have the opportunity to support the Scouts and donated a box of ProDriPoles to the Group. We were then thrilled to receive the following feedback from the Group Scout Leader in November 2011:

“All our canvas tents and equipment have been in our 40ft container since August. The ProDriPoles are working an absolute treat! All our gear is dry with no signs of damp and, upon inspection of the poles today, all 8 of them now contain approximately 15cm depth of liquid. We are extremely pleased with their performance; many thanks again.”

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