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shockwatch indicatorsShockwatch and Tiltwatch indicators are a deterrent to the poor handling of freight, preventing both damage to high value products and acting as an effective ‘informant’, even if impact damage occurs when the carrier is not at fault. One of our customers services vacuum pumps and ships them to and from their customers in re-useable crates. These pumps must be carefully handled because they are tall, top heavy and easily damaged if they suffer any severe impact.

Due to numerous regular damage complaints from a major customer, they were having to strip and rebuild, free of charge, recently refurbished pumps which had suffered
severe damage due to being dropped onto their sides. This work was costing thousands of pounds and they had no way of identifying where or when the damage was occurring.

The introduction of Shockwatch and Tiltwatch quickly solved the problem. The recipient of the pumps continued claiming for damages, but then had to admit that the Shockwatch and Tiltwatch indicators were not activated when the crates were received and signed for ‘clean’. In fact, the some of crates used to transport the damaged pumps were returned containing further pumps for service work with original indicators still un-activated. An internal investigation on the recipient’s part meant these latest claims were withdrawn, as the damage was occurring after receipt from the carrier. The damage claims ceased.

A perfect example of investing a few pounds in order to save thousands.

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