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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we make sure our new staff are provided with full training to ensure we can help with whatever our customers need from us.

I have been tasked to help our customer support team to fully understand the way we design and manufacture various Barrier Foil Bags.


We manufacture Barrier Foil Bags for lots of different applications, such as Machinery, Powders and Adhesives to provide them with climatic protection as our Barrier Foil allows for protection from moisture, corrosion and odour transfer.

We have been manufacturing barrier foil packaging since 1988, myself and colleague Paul Walker have a combined 39 years assisting customers at PPL and a total of 80 years in the packing industry, take a look at the below, I spotted when having a clear out!



Please call us on 0161 976 2006 to discuss your requirements.




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