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Towards the end of last year I began attending a NEBOSH National General Certificate course at SETA in Stockport. Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we take Health & Safety extremely seriously and I wanted to pass this course so that I could contribute to the well established Health & Safety culture that has been developed here.

After many weeks of horrendous cramp from writing copious amounts of notes, the big day arrived. Exam Day !! All candidates exhibited a great degree of anxiety and apprehension on the morning of the exam, aided no doubt, by a severe lack of order generic ambien online for sleep and a huge excess of caffeine, myself being no exception to this. The exam was challenging as expected and there was a great deal of pen chewing and exasperated sighing throughout.

After a painful wait of nearly eight weeks my results arrived in a soggy envelope on a wet day at the end of June 2012 (British Summer is great, eh??). I am pleased and somewhat relieved to say that I achieved a pass with credit!! I am now looking forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge within Protective Packaging Ltd.

Ben Lewis

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