We offer a range of heat sealing equipment which can be used to achieve effective seals on both Aluminium Barrier Foil and thermoplastics.

Our heat sealing equipment are offered in a range of different formats suitable for a broad spectrum of operations, from the small user, right up to the large scale manufacturing operations.

HZ Hand Sealer – This sealer provides accurate temperature control, plus a ribbed jaw surface for easy identification of seal integrity. This hand sealer is compatible with all grades of Barrier Foil. It has a sealing width of 12mm and is available in jaw lengths of 20, 30, 40 and 50cm

SZ Hand Sealer – Suitable for use with both Polyethylene and PVC, this hand held impulse sealer has a highly accurate timer. It has a sealing width of 3mm and the jaws are available in lengths of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60cm.

Vacuum Sealers – This type of sealer is available to provide gas flush and/or vacuum packing. With one press of a foot pedal, the sealer automatically flushed out oxygen and moisture, prior  to evacuation and bag sealing.

Further Information

  • Minimal heat transfer to handles
  • Maintenance and Repair Service
  • Outright purchase or rental agreements available
  • Available in different Jaw Lengths
  • Creates accurate seal
  • Any product that requires Hermetic Sealing

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