HD Corrugated Box Liners are an industrial strength barrier which is suitable for any moisture sensitive item.

A box liner is manufactured to fit the inner dimensions of the corrugated outer. It provides you with a stable package where the Aluminium Barrier Foil protects against moisture and oxygen ingress.

Our Box Liners can be manufactured open-top or with filling spouts to facilitate closed-system filling and a reduction in sealing time.

Further Information

  • Barrier Foil Liners eliminate product damage and provide total protection against moisture and oxygen.
  • Offers measurable pack performance
  • Any size available and no minimum order quantity
  • A wide range of Barrier Foil Laminates available including Military Grade, and Anti-Static to best protect your products.
  • A Customer Support team who will work with you to create custom made, Box Liners that suit your businesses or customers specific requirements.
  • Machinery
  • Engineering parts
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Parts
  • Medical Devices

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