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F.I.B.C. Liners for Bulk Bags

F.I.B.C Big Bag Liners

An F.I.B.C.  Liner is used for the bulk shipment of dried product formulations such as Powders and Granules. Aluminium Barrier Foil liners offer considerable savings and improved packed product quality.

Our barrier foil liners are manufactured to fit inside your F.I.B.C. so that you can fill, seal and ship with one format of packaging.

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Manufactured in different laminate grades to suit the application, they are also available with top and bottom spout to facilitate safe filling and discharge. Total Protection against moisture and oxygen.

Applications include powders, granules, chemicals, pharmaceuticals,  agrochemicals, foods and other bulk products.

Key Points

  • Food contact approved aluminium barrier laminates.
  • Military specification-grade laminates.
  • Static dissipative laminates.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Extended product shelf life.
  • No limitations on the size or shape of our packaging formats.
  • Provides out packaging cleanliness and allows for standard disposal.