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Barrier Foil Drum & Pail Liners

Barrier Foil Liners for Drums

Our round-bottom Drum Liners are manufactured from aluminium barrier foil.

Barrier Foil Drum and Pail Liners are custom-made to sit inside all sizes of drums and pails ensuring complete climatic protection for atmospherically-sensitive applications.

Drums and Pails are popular for the bulk shipment of dried formulations or fluids.

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Our range of barrier foil laminates can cater for the filling of hot-fill products up to 160°C allowing our Drum Liners to be suitable for reactive hot melt adhesives. 

Key Points:

  • Barrier Foil Drum & Pail liners act as a flexible steel can, allowing metal drums to be downgraded to fibreboard or corrugate.
  •  High level of tear and puncture resistance.
  • Wide range of aluminium barrier laminates available including Military Grade, Hot-Fill and Anti-Static to best protect your application.

Our Focus:

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturer of bespoke barrier foil bags and liners that keeps quality at the centre of everything we do. As a business, we understand the importance of retaining the integrity of your products throughout your supply chain whilst working with reliable suppliers in the most cost-effective means possible. Find out more.